August 18, 2015

A New Era of Television

Mark Davis, CEO

The world changes fast, as it always has. And as an ad agency our goal is to locate our client’s customers and prospects and deliver a message, where ever they may be hiding. We are an objective deliverer of this message, the world is our canvas. One avenue for delivery is the “best-screen available”, whether it’s large 75-feet theater screens, 60-inch monitors, or 6-inch mobile devices. But don’t say Television. Everyone believes this medium is dead, even though network companies are flourishing. This Forbes article explains what we believe in at RD&F. It is the art of the story that engages an audience. People don’t want content, as you will read, they want captivation, they want characters, they want engagement, passion.

Writing, creating, directing, savvy producing, basically good solid storytelling and multiple characters can now be developed due to a loyal, committed fan base. Hey media partners, you attract and hold an audience, I’ll deliver enthusiastic advertisers ready to reach that audience.

FORBES – How The Collapse Of The Cable Business Model Will Bring A New Era Of Television